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Protection Dog Training
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Protection Dog Training

Our Protection Dog Training program encompasses obedience, protection exercises and dog psychology. Our K9 WorkSmart Program has a well balanced and humane training regime that will see your dog not only as a loyal protector but as a trusted companion Have your dog protection trained or purchase an already trained dog.Dog Training, Protection Dog Training, Police Dog Training, Security Dog Training
Detection Dog Training
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Detection Dog Training

We are dedicated to providing world class trained detection canines to government, and private entities on a worldwide basis. We can implement dogs into one dog companies to fully integrating K-9 Units whether already existing or starting from scratch, we have the skills and knowledge to make it work.
K9 Detection Services
Our K9 Detection Services

K9 Detection Services

The K9 Centre’s professional & discreet K9 Detection Services provide its detection services to commercial, industry and educational facilities. The K9 Centre's Drug / Narcotic Detection Teams are at the top in their field and the only certified commercial detection teams in Australia. The deployment of Narcotic Detector Dogs can be an extremely effective tool in countering illegal drugs whilst being a great deterrence.
Specialist Dog Training
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Specialist Dog Training

Our Premier Protection Dog Service delivered under our K9 WorkSmart Banner is the VIP or Executive Protection Dog. Each of the dogs is selected for the role required. Breed, gender and age and genetic suitability are all taken into account during the selection process. No matter whether the dog is to be trained for a Government Official Protection Detail or for the business individual that requires a higher level of personal security, the VIP / Executive Protection K9 is ready for the demanding tasks it is expected to encounter.
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Puppy Training Classes
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Puppy Training Lessons and Programs

Puppy Training Lessons and Programs You have or are thinking about getting a new puppy. Where do you start ? What do you need to know? What equipment do you need to buy? Bringing your new puppy home made easy by starting one of our K9 Puppy Smart training classes now. Within the first 8-16 weeks of getting a new puppy is the crucial time. More information on our Puppy Training here
dog obedience training
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In Home Dog Training & Obedience Lessons

In home Dog Training | Private Dog Training Lessons K9 HomeSmart Dog Training Dog Training Australia We come to you and help you solve your problems with your canine family member are you having difficulty dealing with barking, house breaking, chewing, pulling on the lead, jumping, digging, or other dog behavioural problems?. One of our K9 Smart programs will take the frustration out of owning a dog immediately. Read more about our K9 Home Smart Program Here Dog Training
dog boarding and training, dog kennels
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K9 BoardSmart Dog Training Program - Dog Boarding and Training

Dog Boarding and Training Programs K9 Board Smart Dog Training Program Dog Training Going away or just haven't the time to start training your dog? Ask us about our K9 BoardSmart Program. Your dog will stay with us while we train it to your requirement. Any dog related problem that is causing you frustration can be dealt with. To make sure the training sticks, as part of the K9 BoardSmart Program, we will also work with you and your family and show you how to handle your newly trained dog. Dog Training Dog Training
dog training franchise
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The K9 Centre Dog Training Franchise

If you are an independent confident person, are great with people and confident in a crowd, have the motivation and drive to be your own boss, and want to learn from the dog training industry leaders then give us a call to learn more about The K9 Centre Franchise Dog Training Opportunity.

The K9 Centre - Specialist Dog Trainers Australia

The K9 Centre Australia has emerged as the solution for all your dog training related needs. We address dog training needs of all types and size of dogs with 100% satisfaction. We are a team of dog training professionals that provide a realistic, dog training service tailored to your requirements. We have extensive experience in all areas of dog training and we offer that depth of knowledge to all of our clients through our unique K9 Smart Training Programs whether it is training a dog for a family or training a an entire K9 Unit. From a background in military dog handling and training through to global experience in training pups, people and specialist detection dogs and protection working dogs we have developed a range of core products that encompass our vision to maintain a leadership role in professional dog training. We only offer training that is backed by experience. When we instruct you to handle and train your canine we do so ethically and professionally with realistic outcomes in mind.