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Welcome to “The K9 Centre” We specialise in training dogs and their owners, professional dog handler teams, K9 Units as well the supply of dogs for any requirement, within this specialist field. Whether you require a single detection dog trained to a specified target odour or a dog trained to protect a handler or family member from threat, we can tailor a K9 Smart Program to suit your needs. We provide a full turn-key service based on your requirement or we work with you and/or your company stakeholders to deliver on a project, on time, on budget and to exacting standards.

With 37years experience, as of 2024, in the specialist K9 industry both domestically and internationally, we pride ourselves on our genuine, well-planned approach to fulfilling our customers requirements. We are certified as handlers, trainers and assessors and have an enviable portfolio of Private, Corporate, Government and Military clients with an equally diverse range of specialist K9 training requirements.

If you have a question please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team. We are here to help!

Our K9 Services

Detection Dog Sales

We provide suitable dogs trained to your personal or project requirement. We can deliver nationally or internationally and have solid experience in doing so. Having implemented K9 Units ranging from single member deployments up to full scale multiple member units,  we have the hard earned experience to deliver a detection dog capability that bolsters your security team. A highly valued element of our service delivery is the initial consultancy we provide that fully assesses the needs of the client. This ensures accurate project timelines and associated costs for your peace of mind. Sole operators, international customs and government agencies and tier one corporate entities requiring a range of detection needs from bee disease detection dogs through to termite, drug and explosives dogs, provide an example of our scope of service and demanding customer base.
K9 Detection Team Training

The K9 Centre is proud of our K9 Detection team training and management programs. Each program is custom tailored and designed specifically to encompass client needs. This service can be a stand alone offering for already developed K9 Units or it can layer on top of our detection dog training and sales. Whether you want to re-train and re-organise existing teams or incorporate new handlers we support your requirement via online and/or onsite course delivery. A full assessment of the handlers capabilities is conducted initially to determine the training gap and then the course is rolled out in a manner that gels with your operating schedules and human resource requirements. We draw on our successful background in K9 handler training management to help you build and sustain your Detection Dog teams.
K9 Detection Services for Hire

The K9 Centre is an industry leader in Australia for providing explosives and drug detection dog services to the corporate sector. Our detection dog and handler teams are fully trained, certified to exacting standards and bring a long history of detection dog industry experience to each of our client deployments. We will conduct searches for a large range of target material. No request is denied.  We have experience using our teams in and around, heavy and light vehicles, building interiors and exteriors, luggage, food, people and other animals as well as operations in large scale industrial and commercial environments. Our dogs are imprinted on real odour – NOT pseudo. We provide professional and confidential services and ensure a safe and secure environment for our clients. A full reporting service is also offered to meet client procedures if necessary.

Family Protection Dog Sales

Our family protection dogs are a safe, reliable asset for your family. The protection training program we develop for your dog is based on a detailed assessment of your particular requirement. The dog that becomes your personal protector will undergo training in a home and lifestyle environment relevant to your needs. Once the dog is trained to the desired and agreed upon level we will test its capabilities in a relevant scenario setting to ensure competency and to allow you to understand the potential of your dog while developing your handling skills so you understand the handling commitment you must make as it’s owner. The dog is part of your family with an important role to play so you and your family members must take on the role of dog handler. Maintaining the highest level of privacy and discretion while working with you and your family is important to us. We do not have a large number of dogs in kennels to choose from. We will source and train a dog for you or we will take your dog if it is suitable and train it in the necessary skills. To achieve success in this program takes time so quick timelines are not offered. Contact Martin Dominick  info@k9centre.com and let us know how we can help you!

General Purpose Police Dogs

Training a dog to be proficient in general duties police work is a demanding and highly skilled process. Obviously the skill requirements for police dogs deployed in a Military setting will differ from those skills required to function effectively in a Federal or State Police Dog asset. Fundamentally, though, all Police Dogs require suitable drives, intelligence and traits to ensure successful graduation  but the end deployment competency will be determined by the actual workplace setting each dog will be working in. Our training experience has taught us that each dog within the nucleus of the complete K9 Unit will also have its own individual training and development requirements so a further detailing of training plans will be necessary.  For further information please contact Martin Dominick direct at  info@k9centre.com

Detection and Protection Dogs

When we use the term ‘specialist K9’ we are referring to the training of a dog to be competent in any working role requiring a certain set of valuable skills. In this industry it is taken to mean a detection or protection dog. However our Specialist K9 ‘Consultancy’ service applies not only to those dogs that are trained in these very demanding disciplines it also refers to the embedded K9 units these dogs belong to, the handlers of the dogs, the instructors of the K9 teams and the management personnel charged with the successful operation of the Unit within the larger organisational picture.  We are proud of our specialist consultancy projects and value highly the experienced service delivery we can bring to the table for our clients.  Further enquiries for any consultancy needs should be directed to Martin Dominick at info@k9centre.com

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The K9 Centre is a family owned and run dog training business that is owned and run by Martin and Julie Dominick.
Martin has been involved in the dog industry for 33 years and is experienced and certified in specialist working dog training and dog problem solving.

The K9 Centre dog trainers use the unique K9 CalmSmart Method which provides a training pathway that caters for all behavioural issues and is proudly recommended by vets. This system was developed by Martin Dominick and is a functional, low stress training technique alternative.

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As full time professionals our mission is to provide a service to our clients that makes sense to them while using realistic proven techniques. As a dog training company we will invest the time in making sure you and your dog get the best possible outcome and service with minimal stress.
Our background in the dog industry is diverse covering both pet dog training and specialist military working dog training services nationally and internationally. Call us and have a chat to one of our experienced dog trainers today!

Detection Dogs and Detection Dog Services

We provide trained Detection Dogs and Detection Services to government and private entities on a worldwide basis. We can implement a dog into one dog company or developing fully integrated K-9 Units for more information click below or call 1300 225 559 ( International Callers: +61 411 530 861)
Detection Dogs

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