Certified SOKKS Detection Courses

The SOKKS-MPTS validation program allows detection dog providers to assess the operational efficiency of their detection dog teams. The facilitator of the SOKKS-MPTS Validation Program will be able to provide an independent assessment in your workplace. Because SOKKS-MPTS is unique in the fact that it is a pure odour source for the dogs it dissipates any concerns you may have about your contractors providing effective detection dogs and because it is a micro source of odour it ensures that the handlers of the dogs are adequately clearing the assigned search areas. If your department or company has concerns about the detection dogs they employ the SOKKS-MPTS Validation Program is the answer. Contact Martin Dominick (Certified Australian SMVP Facilitator) on 0411 530 861

SOKKS Detection Dog Training Aid

SOKKS Detection Dog Training Aid Certified SOKKS Detection Dog Programs Certified SOKKS Detection Dog Programs SOKKS Detection Dog Training Aid
SOKKS Course

Course Title: SOKKS_MPTS Trainer L1

Course Code: SI/L1 Facilitator : The K9 Centre AUS

Course Duration: 5 Days – 35 Hours

Course Venue: The K9 Centre Training Facility

Course Participants: (minimum) 2 (maximum) 7

Course Date: Based On Application

Course Outcomes

Upon successful completion, the participant will have the skills to competently implement SOKKS-MPTS into the conditioning process of training detection dogs. They will learn how to manage the SOKKS-MPTS product and will also learn how the product impacts differently on various temperaments in canines. They will be competent in problem solving during the conditioning process and will be able to develop a training program that compliments the individual canine/handler team to bring the operational efficiency to a maximum performance level.

Team Participant Prerequisite:
  • Selected by Unit CO as suitable candidate.
  • English Speaking, Literacy and Numeracy Skills or Interpreter

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