Dog Trainers Qualifications

Our Head Dog Trainer

The K9 Centre’s head trainer Martin Dominick has the following Qualifications. Below is a brief outline of these and some dog related achievements:

  • Member/s of the Royal Australian Air Force ( R.A.A.F ) Police Dog Squad ( Job description Certified R.A.A.F Police Military Working Dog Handler and trainers) . Certificate IV in Police Dog Training and Handling & Certificate IV in Kennel Management.
  • Recipient the Instructors Award while in the R.A.A.F for attitude and dedication to his work and is the recipient of many commendations for his work within the K9 security field both domestic and international.
  • Holder of a license to purchase, transport, store and use explosives for the purposes of detection dog training. License number 4968 through Queensland Government Natural Resources and Mines.
  • Co-founder for the first explosives license course for dog trainers to hold explosives for training.
  • An Australian Certified Trainer / Assessor
  • Head Instructor for a Military Presidential K9 Unit. This position entails monitoring the training assessment and ongoing certification of the K9 Unit handlers and Detection dogs and V.I.P. Police trained dogs.
  • Internationally Certified Micro Particle Detection Dog Trainer (SOKKS)
  • Australian Blue Card Holders
  • MISC Card Holder
  • Academic Certification –  Certified Canine Odour Source Detection Dog Trainer. According to the Internationally  Approved  Military /Police Standards Certified by the Centre for Behavioural Sciences of Canines.

As part of his Dog Training and Business Career Martin has:

  • Has trained, sold dogs and conducted courses for Overseas Police, Military Forces and Quarantine Services An overseas Presidential K9 Unit as head instructor.
  • The Australian Prison System. Drug Detection and Security dog teams.
  • Security and Explosive detection dogs for the N.S.W. State Rail Authority & the NSW Department of Education.
  • Trained over 25 individually owned Termite Detection Dogs for members of the Pest Control and building industry in Australia and abroad.
  • Trained guard/dog teams for general patrol work.
  • Train dogs in the Solomon Islands for Gold Ridge Gold Mines.
  • Trained Explosives Detection Dogs for other private Australian Businesses
  • Designed courses and course content for overseas dog Squads
  • Trained Explosive Detection Dogs for overseas government departments.
  • Trained and Supplied dogs to the Japanese Search and Rescue Association and Japanese Dog School Instructors
  • Trained and Supplied Drug Detection Dogs for overseas and Australian clients.
  • Trained Many family pets that were lost causes and on the verge of death row.
  • Trained dogs for the disabled Wheelchair companions and for the severely disabled.
  • Dogs for television starring in Home and Away, Totally Wild, A Current Affair, Today Tonight, Brisbane Extra, Today and The Morning Show
  • Trained and implemented the worlds first Termite Detection Dogs for Power Poles for Australia’s Leading Electricity Company
  • Trained three teams of 8 Explosives Detection Dogs and handlers for a major international company in three different countries.
  • Trained Australia’s First Tiger Quoll Detection Dog
  • Trained Australia’s First Bee Disease Detection Dog
  • Trained  Drug Detection Customs dogs for an Overseas Government Customs Department.
  • Has operational Explosives Detection Dogs and Drug Dogs and Handlers at the Port of Brisbane Australia.
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