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Explosives Detection Dog Services

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One of the unfortunate realities of society today is the cowardly use of explosive devices against innocent civilians.
To help counter this we offer the services of fully certified and tested K9 explosives detection teams to conduct searches at schools, corporate facilities, venues, factories, homes, on aircraft, trains, marine vessels, buses etc. to give you or your client peace of mind.

If you are seriously considering the use of our Explosive Detection Services:

  • Please send us an e-mail detailing your requirement.
  • If it is urgent phone us on: 0411530861, 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
  • We can fly to any location within Australia within 24 hours
  • International services will integrate with your operational plan
  • The service can be discreet or overt and will be conducted according to your requirement.


We guarantee that our explosives detection dogs are trained to exacting standards. This ensures that the team you have at your premises conducting the search is professional, well trained and capable of conducting the service with your best interests in mind. Our dogs are not a danger to any person. Their only goal is to find the explosives this means they get to play with a toy.

Explosive Detection Dogs Australia

Providing High Quality
Explosives Detection Dog Teams

10 Explosives Detection Dogs and 2 V.I.P. Tactical Police Dogs trained for the Philippines Presidential Security Group.

Extensive training was carried out for Trainers, Handlers and Dogs

Philippines Presidential Security Group dog trainer Australia
Explosives Detection Dogs and handlers dog trainer Australia

15 Explosives Detection Dogs

and 28 Handlers trained for a company in Jakarta

Extensive training was carried out for Trainers, Handlers and Dogs

3 Explosives Detection Dogs 

and Handlers working in Australia

Explosives Detection Dogs working for our company in Australia dog trainer Australia
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