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The K9 Centre proudly promotes protection dog training services. This skill can be taught to the smallest or the largest dog of any breed without creating a dangerous unpredictable dog in the home, provided it meets certain criteria.  Too many dog trainers offer this service without a full understanding (or in some cases they are fully aware, but just don’t care ) of the consequences of using incorrect or in-humane training techniques. The cross-section of dog owners that our trainers experience today certainly have an opinion on protection dog training. We have surveyed many of our clients and a resounding majority of them agree that the training is fine if it is done in a way that utilises the dogs natural abilities, is in line with the goals of the owner and is NOT carried out using cruel or inhumane training.
The idea of a dog acting aggressively in the defence of its family may be disconcerting to some readers however please know that aggression is a natural response in dogs and is not necessarily a sign of a dangerous dog. We can train this response to be only associated to a situation where your family is threatened and only to be appropriate to the situation. All other times your dog will be calm, controlled, and well-behaved family member around you and your friends.

There are different levels of family protection dog training that you can choose from. Regardless if you only want your dog to bark when someone knocks on the door, or if you want your dog to be a fully trained protection dog that will engage an intruder, we we have a training program to suit.

Pictures: Family Protection Dog Hawk
Family Protection Dog Eva

Family Protection Dog Hawk -Trained Rottweiler
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What Is Protection Dog Training?
Does it hurt my Dog?

Protection training is the formalisation of the naturally protective instinct of the dog through specific repetitive exercises to achieve a level of skill in your dog that you can rely on under threat.
It is done by slowly building confidence and capability.  At no time are the dogs subjected to overwhelmingly fearful situations.
Their minds are developed to believe that they can win any fight. You cannot do this using fear tactics, it must be with done confidence. The dogs are not hurt when trained correctly. There are so called “trainers” out there who abuse dogs to make them savage and they shouldn’t be allowed to draw breath (my opinion). All dog owners wishing to undertake any sort of protection training should check the companies and dog trainers experience and credentials and even see and handle a dog that has been trained before any training is started. This aspect of dog training is always a contentious issue. Any good trainer should be able to demonstrate the proper use of a protection dog. They should also be able to switch their dog from calm and friendly to a controlled and formidable defender and then back to calm and friendly. A dog trained through fear will not be able to do this.
The dog has been used by man for this type of work for thousands of years. So it is obvious that the dog has a natural ability to do this work. The reason why the dog will or will not be successful with protection training lies in the temperament of your dog.
We do not train just any dog in protection work although it can be any breed or even a cross breed dog or bitch. Your dog must have the right temperament and drive to begin protection training. We will firstly assess your dog for suitability before any training begins. These tests for suitability are done while you are there so you can watch and we do not physically or mentally harm your dog in any way. If you have any questions about this program please let us know.

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