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Australia’s leading expert specialist dog training consultant, Martin Dominick, has trained countless dogs and dog owners and specialist handler teams over the past 35 years in Australia and abroad. With the tremendous success of The K9 Centre and the problem of turning away  clients due to popularity , Martin created The K9 Centre Franchise Company in  2006 to have others with the same passion help him continue his work.  Martin decided to take everything he had ever learn’t about the dog training business, and  everything great about working with dogs, and create Australia first real dog  training business that encompassed all types of dog training from puppies, obedience problems & dog psychology to full working dog training. And  that’s how the K9 Centre Franchise Systems were born.

While Martin served as a R.A.A.F Police Dog Handler / Trainer during the mid 80′s early 90′s his skills as an awarded dog trainer where sought by others in the dog community outside of the R.A.A.F. Martins career in the dog industry sky rocketed from there. He holds certifications and has experience in dog psychology & problem solving, Police Dog Training, Tracking, Detection Dog Training ( Explosives, Drugs etc. ) search and rescue.

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