SOKKS - MPTS Scent Detection Dog Training Aids
SOKKS is PURE odour dog training product and NOT Pseudo SOKKS is available to Specialist Government Security, Military, Police, Search and Rescue and Emergency Dog Trainers and Government training providers

SOKKS ® product and is actually “REAL” odour dog training aid.
ALL SOKKS products are SAFE to handle, store and transport.

SOKKS®: Is a small flexible white tube manufactured by a unique scientific process.

A SOKKS® tube contains all the available real particles, known and necessary.

The peculiarity of SOKKS® tubes is that they are made with real products, the tiny amount fixed on the tubes is sufficient for detection by dogs but inoffensive allowing transportation and use them freely without legislative constraints.

SOKKS® – Explosives

SOKKS® – Arsons

SOKKS® – Drugs

SOKKS® – Euro/Dollars

SOKKS® – Cadaver

SOKKS® – Bed-bugs

SOKKS® – Mold

SOKKS® – Paint

SOKKS® for optional odor

SOKKS Tubes sokks - mpts SOKKS – MPTS SOKKS Tubes
SOKKS No1 Detection Dog Training Aids sokks - mpts SOKKS – MPTS SOKKS No1 Detection Dog Training Aids
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