Termite Detection Dogs

Termite Detection Detection Dogs
Training Dogs and Handlers for the Detection of Termites

Termite detection dog training and supply is another service provided by The K9 Centre. We have developed a realistic training approach for dogs and handlers that utilises standard inspection practices along with thorough and proven dog training techniques to develop a canine that is accurate and consistent in the detection of the presence of live termites.

“Due to the termite dogs keen sense of smell, a properly trained termite dog can detect termites behind walls making them closer to 95 to 97% accurate.” Research from the Entomology Dept. of University of Florida* has shown that properly trained termite dog teams are at least three times more accurate than human inspectors. Even the best termite inspector can’t see through walls. But a termite detection dog doesn’t need to, he can smell live termites through the wall and detect live termites before they have time to do so much damage to a structure that it can be visually detected by a human. Termite Dogs don’t need to see termites; they can smell them, through drywall, concrete, paneling and all other building materials. It has been proven by team after team that a termite dog is the best termite finding and business building tool on the market for the Pest Control Industry.

*Journal of Economic Entomology 96(4):1259-1266(2003)

Termite Detection Dog and Termite Detection Dog Training

What Is A Termite Sniffer Dog?
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Termite Detection Dogs
Termite Detection Dog Handler Training

Martin Dominick has trained over 32 individually owned Termite Detection Dogs for members of the Pest Control and building industry in Australia 4 Dogs for Government Departments in Australia and 2 dogs abroad

Termite Detection Dog Handlers / Owners are known for their expertise and interest in detection dogs and termite management. All K9 handlers complete a training program before they take their dog into your home, the work place.

Our dogs are trained using live termites of many different species and are harvested in the correct manner to keep their original odour. This helps ensure the quality and integrity of our dogs and their training.

The K9 Centre supply trained Termite Detection Dogs and Termite Detection Dog handler training. We are currently training dogs to detect the presence of live termites in all environments buildings such as houses, offices also boats and ships entering into Australia. These dogs are worked under the direction of a handler. Our standards of training and certification are constantly improving and remain realistic and relevant to the requirements of any Termite Detection Dog and Handler team requirement.

If you would like to know more about purchasing a termite detection dog please contact us via E-mail at info@k9centre.com

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