Detection Dogs and Detector Dog Handler Training

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Specialist Detection Dog Training
Detection Dog Handler Training

This highly valued skill is delivered to the participant during the K9 Smart Detection Dog Handler training program. This program develops the skills necessary to competently handle and deploy a trained detection dog within the workplace. The key to becoming a successful detection dog handler is the ability to bond and work with a dog foremost but further than that the handler must be empathetic, be professional and willing to conscientiously improve at their profession. When the dog is teamed with the handler we will look at the relationship and ensure that it has the best chance of becoming a long term successful partnership. We have delivered handler training programs to a wide client base both domestically and internationally over many years. It is very rewarding for us to take a new inexperienced handler and develop them into a solid reliable asset to the company they work for.

Detection Dog Services and Detection Dog Handler Training

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Detection Dogs and Detection Dog Services

We provide trained Detection Dogs and Detection Services to government and private entities on a worldwide basis. We can implement a dog into one dog company or developing fully integrated K-9 Units for more information click below or call 1300 225 559.
Detection Dogs

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