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The K9 Centre Australia’s Detection Dog Unit is Australia’s largest and most experienced private canine detection company in Australia. Our highly regarded training team has the expertise, licenses and products that allow them to offer a wide range of detection capabilities. We offer a variety of K9 Detection Services that are first class, and strictly confidential.

The K9 Centre was the first in Australia to offer its Explosives and Narcotics Detection Dogs as a Detection Service which is made available to the public sector.
Our K9 Detection Dog Unit is an Australian based service. It is a private firm that operates independently of local and federal law enforcement agencies. This gives our clients the option to choose their own appropriate course of action if our dogs have indicated the presence of a substance or item.
Since its inception Australian Canine Services Pty Ltd trading as The K9 Centre has deployed detection dogs for the following searches: Explosives, Drugs/ Narcotics (both private and corporate), Cadaver and Termites.
Email us info@k9centre.com or call us directly on 1300 225 559 or contact Martin Directly on 0411 530 861 for more information on our services which are kept confidential.

Detection Dog Training and Specialist Services dog trainer Australia
Detection Dog & Detection Dog Services Australia

The K9 Centre Australia has APPROVAL under the : HEALTH (DRUGS and POISONS) REGULATION 1996 to use PURE ODOUR Substances for the training of K9 Detection Teams

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