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As one of Australia’s most experienced private detection dog services we have the expertise, licenses and products that allow a wide range of detection capabilities. We offer two major detection dog services, based on deployment numbers, being explosives and drugs however we can assist in Cadaver searches and Arson searches if requested. If the timeline allows we are also able to facilitate custom detection dog search requests. We are Australian based and currently only offer a domestic service.  As a private entity we operate independently of local, state and federal law enforcement agencies. This gives our clients the option to choose their own appropriate course of action if our dogs have indicated the presence of a substance or item. The handler does not physically search for substances.  We simply report to you on what our dog’s indication means and what action you take from that information is solely up to you –  the client. Since its inception Australian Canine Group Pty Ltd trading as The K9 Centre AUS has deployed detection dogs for the following: Explosives, Drugs/ Narcotics (both private and corporate), Cadaver and Termites. If you require further information or need to have a confidential chat about our services please e-mail us info@k9centre.com or call  Martin Directly on 0411 530 861 .

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Picture:  Trained and Operational Explosives Detection Dog – Lucy

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We train our dogs on real odour not pseudo. For example our drug dogs are trained on the pure odour of Heroin, Cocaine, Methamphetamine, Amphetamine, LSD, Ecstasy, Marijuana and Hashish and our explosives detection dogs are conditioned on pure odour of commercial and military explosives and HMEs. We can provide the services of a dog and handler to conduct searches to the clients requirements. As we are not Police Officers we have no powers to arrest or detain any person. Our search services are limited to detecting the target odour in a given area as set out by the client. While a search is conducted the  team will be accompanied by a representative of the client. If an odour is found the dog will indicate its location and the dog handler will then inform the representative that the dog has indicated the presence of a target odour. The action taken after that is entirely up to the client.

Our dogs are very approachable and interact with other dogs and people making them totally safe in public. Our dogs conduct there searches unobtrusively and privately at a time that suits the required outcomes of the client.

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Martin Dominick and Explosives Detection Dog Lucy

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We provide trained Detection Dogs and Detection Services to government and private entities on a worldwide basis. We can implement a dog into one dog company or developing fully integrated K-9 Units for more information click below or call 1300 225 559.
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