About The K9 Centre Australia

On this our dog training site  we hope to provide you with a brief overview of our products and services that are available to you. This site was implemented for the ease of information related to dog training for Behavioural Problems and Specialist Dog Training applications such as Detection dogs Police, Military and Security Dog Training.

The K9 Centre has been meeting the specialist dog supply and training needs of Australians and International clients since 1985. We have serviced the dog industry as an international supplier and trainer of quality trained  dogs and handler training for all specialist corporate situations. The K9 Centre is committed to maintaining a leadership position in the dog training industry locally and globally. We are constantly learning and updating our methods as we feel this is an integral part of maintaining the highest standards possible.

All of our trainers are NATIONALLY RECOGNISED and have completed many courses in their careers which find them competent to conduct courses nationally and internationally in their chosen field. We also have suitably qualified instructors and consultants that can meet any requirement in the training of detection and protection dogs, handlers and teams. If you are an individual, private company or a international corporation or government agency and your operations demand a secure work environment we can provide the right combination of patrol and/or detection dogs to give you that piece of mind

Our Philosophy and Objectives

  • To provide quality and proven dog training services and dogs to members of the public and professional organisations on a national and International basis.
  • To establish a Code of Conduct of the highest level for all persons connected with  “The K9 Centre” Australia
  • To raise the standard of training and management of dog trainers, and bring Australia’s training certification standards up with the rest of the world.
  • To promote public awareness in K9 management and make the owner more responsible by teaching them the best practices.
  • To give support to legislation for the licensing and certification of Dog Trainers .
  • Our aim is to develop the our dog training business at a world class level at the same time making our services available to all whether at a private or corporate level.
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