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The use of dogs in a working dog role is a proven asset to any agency.  When a dog is trained to perform within a Police, Military, Government or VIP role the level of competency required must pass the tightest scrutiny. Lives, potentially, are at stake in a wide and varied number of circumstances so the proficiency of the dog and that of the chosen handler, is of paramount importance. This scope of service relates to Protection and Detection Military, Police and Dignitary level VIP dogs. This is a separate service to our commercial and private clients. Even though the basis of the training for all protection and detection based working dogs holds a common thread, the layers of expertise required for each dog is particular to the tasking. If you are a representative of an agency requiring a canine capability solution, we can offer a consultancy service initially to determine need and then a design a training solution, detailed in a proposal, to deliver on that requirement. We hold personal experience as handlers and trainers in an Australian Defence Police Dog role and have expanded that experience by delivering specialist K9 services to international agencies over 3 decades. We demand that our dogs never let the handler or the team down and any dog that completes its training with us will be guaranteed to work with a confident, predictable and effective attitude.

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