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The use of well trained dogs in a working role will always prove an asset to any Company, Government Department or Individual requiring that capability. Conversely a poorly trained dog is a liability and could lead to  litigation and loss of income. At The K9 Centre we train all of our dogs using confidence as a base for this exercise not fear. Any dog that completes its training with us will be guaranteed to work with a confident, predictable and effective attitude.
Because we expect such a high quality we fail many of our K9 prospects which means they are let go as pets not working dogs. However you can be assured that because of this stringent quality control you will receive the best available dog for your requirements. All of our working dogs whether for Detection or Protection are selected for their suitability to work in their chosen field. They are required to perform well under stress and must want to perform . We demand that our dogs will not let the handler or team down. Our training consists of exercises that build a balance of control and confidence and at the completion of their training course the dogs operate from a base of clear minded confidence and work well.
Many of our clients are everyday people wanting a higher level of personal security. They want to know that they have a reliable protector by their side that is not a danger to themselves their family or the general public.
We have exported dogs to Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Japan, Solomon Islands, Korea, New Zealand, Vanuatu, Jakarta, Denmark, Palau, Dubai and the Philippines.
If you have a need for a responsive, loyal protection or detection dog or dogs, please contact us for further information.

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To make the decision on whether or not you would like to take your dog through this type of training, you need to understand EXACTLY what protection training is:
The formalisation of the natural aggressive instinct of the dog through specific repetitive exercises.

In other words we train the dog to protect you by, developing it’s aggression and it’s desire to chase things using confidence building exercises. At no time are the dogs subjected to overwhelmingly fearful situations. Their minds are developed to believe that they can win. You can not do this using fear tactics, it must be with confidence. The dogs are not hurt intentionally when trained correctly. There are so called “trainers” out there who abuse dogs to make them savage and they shouldn’t be allowed to draw breath (my opinion). As an owner you should check the credentials and the experience of the trainer before any training is started.

This aspect of dog training is always a contentious issue. Any good trainer should be able to demonstrate the proper use of a protection dog. They should also be able to switch their dog from calm and friendly to a controlled and formidable defender and then back to calm and friendly. A dog trained through fear will not be able to do this.

The dog has been used by man for this type of work for thousands of years. So it is obvious that the dog has a natural ability to do this work. The reason why the dog will or will not be successful with protection training lies in the temperament of your dog. Some dogs do have environmental or genetic issues that prevent them to undertake this type of training.

We do not train just any dog in protection work although it can be any breed or even a cross breed dog or bitch. Your dog must have the right temperament and drive to begin protection training. We will firstly assess your dog for suitability before any training begins. These tests for suitability are done while you are there so you can watch and we do not physically or mentally harm your dog in any way

In a home environment we must have a dog that has been trained for absolute control and safety, this applies even more so with protection trained dogs. The dog must be predictable, controllable and only respond in specified situations, such as definite threat to you or your family. We will not change your dog’s temperament, which means it will not turn around and suddenly become a danger to your family. We simply modify some natural behaviours to make them a trustworthy protector




Always check out the trainer ask him or her as many questions as you need and if you are asked to leave while your dog is being assessed take your dog with you and DON’T go back.

We conduct training courses for Protection Training / handling and Security Dog Training / handling which you and your dog can undertake whether  from the beginning or a refresher course. For more information on these courses please contact us.

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Maintenance Training for Security Dogs or Detection Dogs

This training can be conducted regardless of where you purchased your personal protection / security K9 or Detection dog. It does not matter where you initially conducted your training or if you have one dog or multiple dogs, The K9 Centre is ready to assist in top quality canine maintenance training. The K9 Centre offers training courses at our training centre located in Brisbane, Australia, for dogs and handlers. Maintenance training courses are available for all related service canine tasks. Courses are available at the customer’s site or at our training centre. Custom tailored courses can be created to meet a customer’s exact needs. We constantly research new and innovative techniques and ideas to make sure that the canine training we provide and offer is the best anyone in the working canine community can offer. Please review our course listings and give us a call if additional information is required.

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