Specialist Dog Training

By Certified Professional Dog Trainers

Specialist Canine Training

At The K9 Centre we pride ourselves on specialist K9 Solutions. Solutions that cover any dog training requirement. Those training requirements range from sourcing, developing and deploying a single pup through to full K9 Unit implementation of Police Patrol and / or Detection Dogs both domestically and internationally.

We are proud of our industry leading reputation that puts the customers satisfaction first and foremost. We provide transparent and honest K9 services with the goal to gaining your custom for life.

Each project we work on has its own individual requirements. Services provided to the customer as part of the delivery of the project, stem from a realistic initial appraisal of needs supported by a foundation of extensive experience in real world situations. Our suite of K9 Smart Programs offer unique training options that maximise the potential of any project.

From a start in Military Police Dog Handling and Training through to global experience in training pups to handlers and specialist detection and protection working dogs, we have developed a range of core K9 Smart Products that encompass our vision to maintain a leadership role in the professional dog training industry.

For more information about any of our K9 related Services please call Martin on +61 0411 530 861 or email us  [email protected]

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