Detection Dogs and Detection Dog Training
Available Dogs,Training Times and Prices

Your K9 is personally selected by Martin Dominick and this dog will be the dog exclusively for you and your needs and it makes no difference if it is one dog for a single operation or a complete dog squad set-up with ten canines.

The minimum training time that is required for each dog is generally 3 months depending on personal training requirements for the type of detection dog required. Prices are on application with a 50% deposit required on placement of your order and balance on completion. If more than one dog is required, or you require a team and handler training please contact us directly for a quote. For more information or to place an order email or call us on + 61 7 411 530 861

K9 Training

All training is carried out at The K9 Centre and other venues relevant to the particular type of detection dog training.

How we choose your dog or dogs:

Your dog must pass several critical tests to ascertain if it is suitable for detection training. Each dog is assessed individually regardless of breed, sex and age, but is assessed by our head trainer.

Each Dog is also medically assessed before its training starts and must fit and healthy.

You are required to spend time with us at handover stage to ensure you understand how a detection dog is used in its required job. For larger dog and handler teams is it usually more cost effective if we have a trainer travel to you or travel can be arranged.

Suitable Breeds for Detection Training

We assess your dog on its ability to do this type of work not its breed, although some breeds such as Labradors, Kelpies, Belgian Malinois, Beagles or German Shepherds are much more suited when it comes to detection work. There are a lot of Cross Bred dogs that also make the best Detection Dogs and have great work ethics. If you have a preference of breed please discuss this with our trainer before any training begins.

We train our dogs on REAL ODOUR not Pseudo

The K9 Centre Australia has APPROVAL under the :

HEALTH (DRUGS and POISONS) REGULATION 1996 to use PURE ODOUR Substances for the training of K9 Detection Teams

Trained Detection Dogs that we offer under this category are:
Detection Dogs Australia dog trainer Australia
We accept the following payments for all of our dog training services dog trainer Australia

Detection Dog Training AUSTRALIA