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Dog Squad Consulting & K9 Supply


Our qualified and experienced staff can consult on any Security / Police based K9 / manpower requirements. We can respond quickly, providing the perfect solution to your K9 problem.
From rectifying operational problems with an existing unit to fully overseeing the implementation of a specialist dog squad into an existing force or company, whether that is in a detection or a protection role, anywhere in the world, we have the expertise to get the job done.

All International & Specialist Training
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We consult to the Government and Private organisations on the following subjects:


  • Specialist K9 Training for Security / Police Dog Squads teams small to large
  • Low, Medium or High Risk K9 Implementation
  • Detection Dog Team Organisation, Training and Certification
  • Certified SOKKS Detection Dog Training
  • SOKKS-MPTS Validation Program
  • Selecting and Assessing Dogs
  • K9 Psychology and Body Language of Working Dogs
  • Problem for solving working dogs (Detection and Protection Dogs)
  • Working Dog Development
  • Dog Maintenance
  • Canine Health & First Aid
  • Tactical Dog Training
  • Tracking / Searching ( This can advance to include Cadaver Work)
  • Detector Dog & Unit Training
  • K9 Unit Development Implementation
  • Kennel Management
  • Specialist Handler and Trainer Training


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