Security / Police Working Dog Squad Consulting

Security / Police Dog Training
Dog Squad Consulting & K9 Supply

We specialise in consulting on any Security / Police based K9 / manpower requirements. We can respond quickly, providing the perfect solution to your K9 problem within timline constraints.
From rectifying operational problems with an existing unit to fully overseeing the implementation of a specialist dog squad into an existing force or company, whether that is in a detection or a protection role, anywhere in the world, we have the expertise to get the job done.

Detection Dog Handler and Dog Training
Trained Dogs for Sale

We consult to the Government and Private organisations
Professional Specialist Dog Trainers

  • Specialist K9 Training for Security / Police Dog Squads teams small to large
  • Low, Medium or High Risk K9 Implementation
  • Detection Dog Team Organisation, Training and Certification
  • Certified SOKKS Detection Dog Training
  • SOKKS-MPTS Validation Program
  • Selecting and Assessing Dogs
  • K9 Psychology and Body Language of Working Dogs
  • Problem for solving working dogs (Detection and Protection Dogs)
  • Working Dog Development
  • Dog Maintenance
  • Canine Health & First Aid
  • Tactical Dog Training
  • Tracking / Searching ( This can advance to include Cadaver Work)
  • Detector Dog & Unit Training
  • K9 Unit Development & Implementation
  • Kennel Management
  • Specialist Handler and Trainer Training

For All of your Dog Training Requirements.

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