Dog Bite Prevention Courses
Handling Dangerous Dogs

Understanding Canine Aggression is a  course that deals with the psychology of staying safe when dealing with, and handling aggressive dogs. It is an interactive hands-on workshop that shows the participant how easy it is to stay safe around potentially dangerous dogs.

The course covers the following:

  1. Understanding Dog Behaviour What makes a dog aggressive
  2. When is aggression dangerous How to minimise the threat
  3. Different aggression types The triggers and the signs to look for
  4. How to handle aggressive dogs The four steps to staying
Training Outcomes

This workshop will allow the participant to learn the proper techniques to ensure safe handling of potentially dangerous dogs. It will provide an understanding of how a dog is triggered into an aggressive state and how serious that aggression actually is in terms of safety.

Please Note: Participants are encouraged to organise for aggressive dogs or those dogs deemed dangerous to be on-site or close to the workshop venue so we can demonstrate correct handling techniques.
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