Fire Arms vs Dogs

A Well Trained Dog V’s Firearms

For many years I have been a strong supporter of security operatives teaming with a well trained dog instead of only carrying a firearm. I know that in some situations the officer must carry a firearm because the potential threat warrants it. However by combining the firearm with an extremely well trained dog would give the officer an advantage in all situations.

I have personally seen many instances where a firearm if drawn would have been a danger to the security officer and the general public. One such occasion occurred at the Belfield Hotel in Sydney. The hotel employed off duty police officers as door and grounds security. On this Friday night the hotel had a large Maori clientele. A fight broke out between one of the Maori patrons and a the Samoan Patrons. The dog was brought in under control on a short lead. The dog was at the heel and not a danger to anyone. He was there initially to provide a visual deterrent to the surrounding mob. Of course the fight did not remain between the two instigators and it turned into a brawl of thirty or more. It quickly erupted onto the street. The dog was then sent out on a long lead and worked in a sweeping arc towards the brawling group. A few of the offenders attempted to kick and punch the dog but ended up receiving hard bites. This put them into a back step and within a minute the whole group had lost it’s fire and the brawl dissipated.

This situation would have been a lot more serious if the security officer was wearing a firearm. The officer would have been overpowered and quite possibly had his weapon stolen or used against him.

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