Specialist K9 Consultancy Services

Specialist K9 Consultancy Services
Detection & Protection DOGS & Handlers

As a professional in the specialist canine industry Martin Dominick has an enviable reputation. He has over three decades experience, 33 years to be exact as of September 2020. A scope of experience covering everything from military police dog training and handling to training a dog for AFB bee disease detection. Using this foundation of experience he has learning, delivering expertise those solutions to a wide and varied client base. An example of those solutions include the proposal, planning, delivery and handover of specialist k9 units capability to companies such as Shangri-La Hotels, Royal Oman Police Dog Unit, Palau’s Customs Drug Detection Dog Unit, Ross Mining’s Gold Ridge Mine, Philippines Presidential Security Group and Queensland Governments Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation. At a private individual level for example, Martin, along with The K9 Centre Team, provided executive protection dogs to key corporate personnel as part of their security scope. The consultancy service focuses on the human and canine resources required to deliver a successful project. The K9 Centre Team are specialists in providing certified and proven dogs, whether you are after 1 or 30, and supporting the development of the complete organisational structure surrounding the K9 Unit. Selection, training and certification for all dogs are performed by qualified trainers. Our proven results demonstrate a high standard of quality, in our dogs and training which are proud of and excited to be able to offer to you – our valued client. 

K9 Detection Dog Handler Training

Experienced & Qualified Specialist K9 Trainers
When Experience Matters!

Services offered:

  • Sourcing top quality, healthy dogs most suitable for the project.
  • Breeds including: German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, Labradors, Beagles or Spaniels
  • Development of K9 Units internationally
  • Ongoing maintenance / training support for project clients
  • Seminars by appointment for both the detection and general purpose protection dogs.
  • Certified SOKKS Detection Dog Training Courses
  • Customised training programs.
  • Problem Solving Consultancy for in-situ K9 Units.
This service requires highly specified training. We give you our assurance to deliver on our promises made to you. Call us for a no obligation initial consultancy.
Servicing the following  for ;
  • Police Dog Training
  • Police Dog Handling
  • Detection Dog Training
  • Detection Dog Handling
  • Family Protection Dog Training
  • Executive Protection Dog Training
  • Commercial Security Dog Training
  • Security Dog Handler Training Courses – Certified
  • Customised Programs
  • Large Scale K9 Unit Development

For All of your Dog Training Requirements.

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