Specialist K9 Training Services

Detection & Protection Dogs

The K9 Centre has been supplying the dog industry for 33 years providing dogs, police patrol dogs and detection dogs to National and International Government agencies and to private entities contracted to government agencies in a professional manner.
The K9 Centre are specialists in providing certified and proven dogs, whether you are after 1 or 30 dogs we can supply trained dogs for police work in either general K9 duties or detection work.
Selection, training and certification for all dogs are performed by qualified trainers in their chosen fields. Our proven results demonstrate a high standard of quality, in our dogs and training We offer a full range of canine services to private and government sectors. Services offered to Law Enforcement Agencies and other organisations

Services offered to Government Law Enforcement Agencies, Military, Quarantine and Private entities

  • Sourcing top quality K9 candidates with Breeds e.g.: German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, Labradors or Beagles
  • Maintenance / training seminars for both the detection and general K9 patrol dogs
  • Certified SOKKS Detection Dog Training Courses
  • Patrol, Narcotics, Explosives, Cadaver, Arson, Customs Dogs & Search and Rescue trained dogs
  • Training for dogs and handlers comprising of General Purpose x Tracking, GP x Explosives , GP x Narcotics
  • Troubleshooting and Problem-solving teams and dogs
  • K9 Team Training Programs for detection and General Patrol teams Acquiring, Training and Implementation of a professional K9 team

Specialist Dog Training

This area of dog training requires highly specified training delivered by competent, experienced and qualified trainers.
At The K9 Centre we can give you those assurances. With over 33 years experience in a wide range of specialist dog training fields we know how to deliver the training that is personalised to your specialist requirement.
Detection Dog Training and Specialist Services dog trainer Australia
We provide specialist services for ;
  • Police Dog Training
  • Police Dog Handling
  • Detection Dog Training
  • Detection Dog Handling
  • Family Protection Dog Training
  • Executive Protection Dog Training
  • Commercial Security Dog Training
  • Security Dog Handler Training Courses – Certified
  • Customised Programs
  • Large Scale K9 Unit Development
We don’t just list the above to look good. We have delivered the above services already to our domestic and international client base.
If you would to book a phone consult with Martin our Head Trainer you can do so here.
We look forward to helping you develop your Specialist K9 asset.
Specialist dog training Services dog trainer Australia
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