The Law and Your Dog.

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The Law and Your Dog.

The K9 Centre has assessed dogs for councils and private clients concerning dangerous dogs and other behavioural problems where legal action has been taken or is pending.
This service comes with a full written report and is solely based on our assessment of the dog involved. This offers the client whether professional (Government) or private an unbiased and thorough document that can be used in the judicial process to help determine a realistic outcome.
Our services can be provided in consultation with, or at the request of, other professionals such as Dog Management Council Officers, Veterinarians, Legal Mediation Officers, and other dog training obedience clubs
Please look at training and education when owning a dog, 99% of all cases would be avoided IF training and education was implemented.

Case Study
Stage 1: Boss, a male German Shepherd, constantly escaped from his yard while the owners were at work. He was picked up by the Local Council Rangers three times. The third time Boss was slightly injured in the leg as he jumped out and as a result of that become aggressive due to injuries. When the Council Ranger tried to capture him he showed aggression. As a result Boss was slapped with a dangerous dog order. This included the wearing of a special collar used to identify a “Dangerous Dog”. Boss is then meant to be kept behind a six foot fence and kept under control. The fence must show signs stating the fact that he has been declared dangerous.
Stage 2: Boss escapes again. The Council Rangers seized Boss. The owners were contacted and told that a court destruction order is in force. Boss ended up being destroyed.
What SHOULD have happened: Boss was not at all a dangerous dog, his owners were not negligent other than they did not fully realise the responsibility of owning a dog with Boss’s genetics. By the time the owners contacted us the destruction order for Boss was in place. It was too late to save him.
Boss would have made an exceptional VIP Protection Dog working with an experienced handler.

Dog Parks

Attending dog parks with clients, we all too often see people with dogs that should not be socialised in a public place including, a dog park. If you live in Brisbane Queensland here are the rules and locations of Dog Parks:



Offences relating to dogs in Queensland

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