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The Right Start for Your Puppy
We will teach you, through our unique puppy training program, K9 PuppySmart™, the correct procedures in the handling, training, rearing and socialisation of young puppies from 8 weeks of age. Obviously we will help you if your puppy is younger but we recommend a puppy stay with its mother until at least 8 weeks.
If you are not sure of your pups age don’t worry we can advise you on the best training program for your puppy.
This age range between 8 – 16 weeks is a critical time for puppies to develop behaviour patterns through external imprinting. This can be from humans or other animals. The stimulus the pup is exposed to and then how it is allowed to respond to it creates a platform of behaviour that stays with the puppy and has a major influence on their behaviour into adult life.
more common problems we encounter in our training, which is an annoying and potentially dangerous habit, is that of the puppy biting. Even though the pup, at this age, cannot do a lot of physical damage, the pups mindset that is developing towards you and other dogs is certainly undesirable.
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Training your puppy is critical to having an enjoyable lifelong relationship with the pup, you and your family. It helps define the puppy’s character and gives you a comfortable level of control as the pup grows.The K9 PuppySmart lessons are normally conducted in the comfort of your home.

The K9 PuppySmart ™ Program Includes

  • Basic Puppy Psychology
  • Effective Communication – Human to Canine
  • Equipment Essentials
  • Pre-Command Exercises
  • Owner/Family Interaction
  • Socialisation Exercises
  • Bite Control Exercises
  • Puppy Grooming, Diet and Welfare

This program is the essential first step for every puppy owner.

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