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VIP Close Quater - Police Dog Training

Our Premier Protection Dog Service delivered under our K9 WorkSmart Banner is the VIP or Executive Protection Dog. Each unit is selected for the role required. Breed, gender and age and genetic suitability are all taken into account during the selection process.

No matter whether the dogs are to be trained for a Government Official Protection Detail or for the business individual that requires a higher level of personal security, the VIP / Executive Protection K9 is ready for the demanding tasks it is expected to encounter.

All of our canines come with a Training Certificate and Health Guarantee to ensure their ongoing readiness.

When you take possession of your dog/dogs you will also be encouraged to part take in a handover instruction course that is included with the purchase. At The K9 Centre we are committed to ensuring that your new dog is the perfect addition to your security team and blends easily into your daily routine. A dog that is ready to take on any threat ion a competent and effective manner.

We will demonstrate the training we have delivered to your dog and teach you the specifics of handling a dog with this type of training. We are here to make the transition smooth and provide any support you need.

Professional Specialist Dog Trainers

Please note that we are NOT a security company but are Professional Specialist Dog Trainers with Military and Civilian Experience in Police Dogs and Close Quarter K9 Protection. We do have Government Certification that is only obtained through the Australian Military and Verifiable Civilian experience.

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