Mack “The Termite Detection Dog”

Finding termites on the Gold Coast Queensland 


Mack is a purebred beagle and he was professionally trained by Martin Dominick owner of The K9 Centre.  Mack has shown to be accurate and consistent in the detection of the presence of live termites. Scent hounds, like the Beagle, have extremely sensitive noses and have an accuracy rate of up to 97% in detecting live termite infestations and this is beyond any tools & gadgets for termite detection out there.

Trained termite detection dogs can smell termites through most building materials including wall cladding & flooring materials & it can save you a lot of time and money.

Termite Detection Dogs are not trained to detect termite damage… only live termite activity.

The Pest Guru are a family owned Gold Coast business which specialise in termite inspections. We use all the latest tools, have nine years experience AND have a professionally trained Termite Detection Dog – MACK.



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Mack the Termite Detection Dog Queensland dog trainer Australia

Mack The Termite Dog

Gold Coast QLD Termite Detection

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